Aashram where peace reigns!!

It was very heart warming experience to find an Aashram at Islamkot , near Mithi where it is never locked. One can just walk into it ,eat his meal and sleep without a question being asked. It is not a Christian monastery , nor a Dargah or a Musafirkhana . It is surprising that such a hospitable institution exists in Tharparkar district , that is perpetually drought striken and is populated by people , most of whom live far below the lowest line of poverty, generations through generations

Jai Shree Ram Jai Sant NenuRam

Most of the contents of this site are in Sindhi language. In this site you can read Sant Sharomani NenuRam sahib's biography, Sant aashram, watching video satsang, bhajan and festival also you can download free mp3 bhajans, Sa

SNC Hospital

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Sant Nenuram Chairitable Hospital Islamkot Tharparkar.5
NBP 0195
Account Number- 3080307634
IBAN: PK94NBPA0195003080307634

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Latest videos collection of Sant sharomani NenuRam's Teej Sastang, Festival and other new & fresh bhajan's albums, Prem Bhagat Sakrand, Arjun Bhagat Karachi, Bhagat KhetaRam Chelhar waro, Bhagatiani Shamoo Bai, Sant Aarti, Sant Stage Drama "Jenh Ditham aen Budham".

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Download new & fresh collection of sindhi, hindi audio bhajans in mp3 format, Singers Dr. Teerath Gul, Bhagat Eshwar Lalwani, Bhagat Raju, Murad Faqir, Bhagat SalluRam, Bhagat Basar and many more...

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Sant NenuRam Sachara ~Ramesh Rahi

Sant NenuRam Sachara A gift on Sant Shaomani NenuRam’s 50th Maha Utsav. Sant NenuRam Shewa Sangat and Sharma Je Links presents Bhagat Ramesh Rahi album #07 Sant NenuRam Sachara Download Free mp3 bhajans and please leave your valuable comments and suggestions. Data Samajhe Darr Te Ayas داتا سمجھي در تي آيس Hal Salamkot Ghaam Jite […]

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Download free books about Sant Sharomani NenuRam and other Hindu Dharmic Books in pdf ♥   Puran Yogi Sant NenuRam Download free book Bhagat NenuRam Sahib written by Sant Sahita Sath. Bhagat NenuRam Sahib Download free book Bhagat NenuRam Sahib written by Nandlal Nandan Sant NenuRam Download free book Sant NenuRam written by Sant Sharomani […]

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